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Renting a house in The Netherlands starts at Huurda. The offer apartments and rental housing in the Netherlands is growing each day and includes selection of brokers and individuals.
Huurda combines the unique properties of various other sites to use a free list of apartments in the Netherlands. Unique: Both the search for housing as the reaction on it is completely free. Candidates do not have to register and can contact the landlord of the rental properties directly.

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Let a property through Huurda is fast and simple. Quickly find the right candidate. Tenants today for tomorrow may already have rented something else. Immediately after your home is placed, it is matched and mailed to current registered residence. Usually you will receive the first response.
Because this system is free for tenant and landlord, has the greatest range Huurda. When manually placing advertisements for rented accommodation you can choose whether you want to receive free information from a professional rental agent in your area that you (usually free) service can assist with finding a suitable candidate.

Search apartments for rent in Holland begins with Huurda. Huurda is free, fast, professional and transparent!


New offers for rent


Apartment for rent in Tilburg

apartment in Tilburg

Professor Co...
75 m²
€ 895,-
2 rooms

Description 123Wonen Tilburg, The rental agency offers; Prof. dr. Cobbenhagenlaan in Tilburg Upholstered apartment on the third floor, well maintained. Near university, center, shops and railway station UVT. Layout: Spacious living r...

Available from: 01-02-2020. Offered since: 10-12-2019


Apartment for rent in Brunssum

apartment in Brunssum

Henri Dunant...
72 m²
€ 650,-
2 rooms

Ruim, modern uitgevoerd appartement met 2 slaapkamers, ruime woonkamer en keuken, gelegen op de 10e woonlaag, met balkon en schitterend uitzicht.

Directly available. Offered since: 09-12-2019


Family house for rent in Rijnsburg

family house in Rijnsburg

151 m²
€ 1.820,-
5 rooms

Location:This new, very spacious luxury family home with 5 bedrooms is located in the new development district De Bloem in Rijnsburg.This fully furnished apartment is perfectly located in the middle of the bulb fields and between the center of...

Directly available. Offered since: 08-12-2019


Apartment for rent in Amersfoort

apartment in Amersfoort

54 m²
€ 1.095,-
1 room

123Wonen The rental agent of Amersfoort offers: Bright 2-room apartment situated in a beautiful location near the city center with a view of the old city wall! The location of the apartment is ideal: the center is just a stone's throw away, you can...

Available from: 01-01-2020. Offered since: 07-12-2019


Apartment for rent in Margraten

apartment in Margraten

Pastoor Brou...
153 m²
€ 1.500,-
2 rooms

Location: Beautiful location on the edge of the center square in Margraten. The new town hall and the new shopping environment are right next to your door. All facilities needed for a pleasant life are in the immediate vicinity. Servi...

Available from: 01-02-2020. Offered since: 07-12-2019

New requests for rent


Apartment gezocht in veenendaal

apartment in veenendaal

0 m²
€ 750,-

ik wil graag een appartement / studio zonder dat ik mijn douche/wc etc moet delen. Groot hoeft het niet te zijn, want ik ben alleen. graag wel gestoffeerd maar dit is geen prio!

Available from: 01-01-2020. Gevraagd op: 09-12-2019


one-family living gezocht in AMERSFOORT

one-family living in AMERSFOORT

0 m²
€ 1.200,-

Appertement, eengezinswoning

Available from: 01-01-2020. Gevraagd op: 08-12-2019


Apartment gezocht in Rotterdam

apartment in Rotterdam

0 m²
€ 550,-

Hi Woning gezocht met spoed in Rotterdam

Directly available. Gevraagd op: 08-12-2019


one-family living gezocht in Hoogvliet Rotterdam

one-family living in Hoogvliet Rotterdam

Hoogvliet Ro...
0 m²
€ 550,-

Lieve mensen..Ik ben met spoed opzoek naar een leuke appartement voor 550 euro. Ben een jonge schone dame en heb met spoed een plekje nodig ken je iemand die me kan helpen? Ik hoor het graag! Groet, Varisha

Directly available. Gevraagd op: 08-12-2019


one-family living gezocht in Stadskanaal

one-family living in Stadskanaal

0 m²
€ 700,-


Directly available. Gevraagd op: 08-12-2019


Room gezocht in Arnhem

room in Arnhem

14 m²
€ 350,-

There is currently no information about this Room that is available since 08-12-2019. The Room is situated near the in Arnhem . For more information, please contact the Real estate agent

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