Because the city has more than 200,000 inhabitants, means renting a home in Eindhoven is the same as living in a vibrant city! Apartment for rent Eindhoven can be found in the center, Woensel-North, South-Woensel, Tongelre, Stratum, Gestel and Strijp. In these areas you will find all kinds of rental homes in Eindhoven, but also rent an apartment Eindhoven of course. Eindhoven is a modern city with many shops and entertainment venues. Yet the city is also the greenest city in the largest Dutch cities! If you decide to rent privately Eindhoven directly from the owner, but you can also enjoy the countryside and nature. For landlords Eindhoven offers opportunities: the city has a university and other education many students and other real estate agents. An apartment rent Eindhoven certainly succeed through Huurda. Are you curious about the offer for rent Eindhoven? Huurda explained the possibilities for you in a row.