Terms and Conditions

Article 1 Definitions

  1. Advertisement: An advertisement in which a rental property is offered and which is visible on the website of Huurda.nl;
  2. Advertisement agreement: The agreement between Huurda.nl and the user regarding the placement of advertisements.
  3. Service: The search for housing through the website, or placing an advertisement, or bringing users into contact with the website;
  4. User: The natural or legal person with whom an agreement is made, or who uses the service of Huurda.nl;
  5. Website: Huurda.nl

Article 2 Applicability

  1. These general terms and conditions apply to all agreements, offers and services of Huurda.nl. By using the website Home Seeker and Landlord declare themselves familiar with and agree with these General Terms and Conditions.
  2. The applicability of general terms and conditions other than these is in any case excluded.

Article 3 Agreement

  1. An advertising agreement is concluded by placing the rental property, or by means of a written confirmation to the User that the advertisement will be placed. The corresponding rates are mentioned on the website.
  2. By offering an advertisement the user gives Huurda.nl permission to place all information in the advertisement on the website.
  3. The user cannot hold Huurda.nl liable for damages and claims of third parties caused by placing an advertisement on the website.

Article 4 Placing houses

  1. Placing a property on the website is done by means of an advertisement. Only properties of which you are the owner or where you work on behalf of the owner may be placed on the website.
  2. In the advertisement, the property must be displayed correctly and the advertisement must paint a realistic picture of the property, possibly by means of text and photos. The advertisement may not contain misleading information. Huurda.nl retains the right to modify or if necessary remove advertising texts and/or photos that contain incorrect information at all times.
  3. No contact details may be given in the advertisement description and the advertisements may not contain information about third parties.
  4. Huurda.nl cannot be held liable for unlawful content or copyright infringement of advertisements placed by or on behalf of the landlord of the accommodation.
  5. User must ensure adequate handling of the received responses to accommodation and advertisements of properties that have already been rented out must be removed by user.
  6. By placing the advertisement Huurda.nl gives user permission to place this information on the website. Huurda.nl is authorized to use the advertisement for marketing and / or advertising purposes, with the aim of bringing the property to the attention of potential tenants.

Article 5 Content of advertisements

  1. The user may be held liable for the unlawful content of the advertisement placed by him on the website.
  2. The ad complies at least with the following:
    1. The content of the advertisement may not be unlawful or contrary to the laws and regulations in force in the Netherlands;
    2. The content of the advertisement may not harm Huurda.nl in any way;
    3. The content of the advertisement may not harm and/or harass other users;
    4. The accommodation that is offered for rent by the User should be the property of the User or of the person on whose instructions the User works and is intended for rent;
  3. User should not misuse the website, including the following:
    1. Unlawful texts, including discriminatory and insulting texts;
    2. Mentioning or referring to other websites, other than Huurda.nl or advertisements from other websites, other than Huurda.nl;
    3. Advertisements not aimed at the rental of housing.

Article 6 illegal rental

  1. It is not permitted to offer housing on the website if the occupant cannot or may not register with the municipality at the address.
  2. It is not allowed to offer housing on the website if the property does not have a residential destination, but where the occupant can register at the address with the municipality.
  3. The requirements mentioned above under 1 and 2 arise from the Basic Registration of Persons Act (Wet Basisregistratie Personen).
  4. Huurda.nl reserves the right to adjust or remove advertisements with illegal offers of housing. Huurda.nl can also take appropriate measures against landlord.

Article 7: Use of service

  1. The personal data of potential tenants may not be used by the user for purposes other than the conclusion of a rental agreement.
  2. User is not allowed to approach other users for commercial purposes.
  3. Huurda.nl can terminate the agreement with user in case of violation of these terms and conditions. Already paid costs will not be refunded to user. Huurda.nl can also block user.
  4. Huurda.nl has the right to report criminal offences and in doing so Huurda.nl has the right to provide all necessary information about user to the third party who is entitled to do so.
  5. Any damage suffered by Huurda.nl as a result of breaches by the user can be recovered by Huurda.nl from the user.

Article 8 Tariff and payment

  1. Placement of a rental Advertisement must be paid for by the Advertiser. The applicable rates are indicated on Huurda.NL. Placement of the Advertisement takes place after Huurda.nl has received the amount due for the Advertisement.

Article 9 Right of withdrawal

  1. Placing an Advertisement may in certain cases be subject to the right of dissolution as referred to in Section 6:230 of the Dutch Civil Code.
  2. In any case, the right of dissolution does not apply to Advertisements that have been removed from the Website because they contravened the terms and conditions.
  3. Unless agreed otherwise, you agree that an Advertisement will be placed immediately, during the statutory period of dissolution. This has consequences for any applicable right of dissolution. You also declare that you waive any applicable right of dissolution as soon as Huurda.nl has placed the Advertisement.
  4. If the right of dissolution referred to in article 9.1 applies to the Advertisement placed by you then you agree that if you use your right of dissolution, you owe Huurda.nl a proportionate fee for the services provided by Huurda.nl. In certain cases this proportional fee will be calculated based on the number of days that remain from the agreed-upon advertising period and/or the average number of responses to your Advertisement, as periodically determined by Huurda.nl, when using your right of withdrawal.

Article 10 Intellectual property rights

  1. All property rights on the website belong to Huurda.nl. The content of the placed advertisements does not fall under the property rights of Huurda.nl.
  2. Huurda.nl is free to place advertisements on partner websites.
  3. Huurda.nl explicitly reserves the copyrights. It is therefore - without the prior written permission of Huurda.nl - not permitted to reproduce or publish the Publication in whole or in part in any way, with the exception of permitted deep links. Mentioning Huurda.nl as source does not make that any different.
  4. If the user infringes the rights of Huurda.nl the user is responsible for all damage suffered by Huurda.nl as a result, including the costs of investigation and legal assistance.

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